Friday 11/16/12

I sat in the North Bowl again this morning. It was cold and very frosty. The action started a little late compared to normal. I had about 15-20 does go by me around 7:30. They all came from the field behind me. A short time after they disappeared I caught some movement and noticed a buck following their tracks. I quickly identified him as a small one and sat back in a relaxed mode. Within a few minutes another small buck came right behind him. With two small bucks following all the does I hoped a big one would catch the scent somewhere in his travels and make an appearance in front of me before the morning ended.

Around 9 o’clock a small 8 chased a doe out of the cornfield behind me and came right under my stand. At 10 I clicked my radio on to talk to dad. When I looked up I saw a pretty good 8-pointer coming my way. I couldn’t tell if he was a shooter or not, but he looked bigger than most of the ones I had been seeing so far for the day. I quickly told him I had one coming and slipped the radio in my pocket. As I withdrew my hand the release caught on the corner of my pocket and tumbled to the ground. A few seconds later I watched the buck walk right underneath me. It was par for the course.

Tonight I sat in Buck Alley and had a few does and an immature 9-pointer come out of the timber and feed until dark. Dad saw a bunch of deer this morning down on the end of the field near the Grunt Stand. He said one was a giant. I expected a good sit tonight but the crop-duster was spraying the field and it jumped all sorts of deer out of the area on its first pass around the field. Oh well. I guess that’s part of hunting agriculture areas.

The time is winding down quickly now. We had originally planned on going home after tomorrow morning’s hunt, but now we’re going to leave Sunday morning after we hunt. Although I’m ready to go home I also don’t want to leave if that makes any sense. I really like it out here and the hunting is so far beyond anything I could possibly experience back home. Who knows maybe we’ll get lucky tomorrow. We have three sits left.

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