Friday 11/30/12

I had today off and headed north first thing in the morning. I decided to hunt with my buddy Brian in his spot. I had never hunted there before but it’s fairly close to the new place I’m hunting.

We had a long hike to get to the area we wanted to hunt. As we walked we saw a few tracks here and there, but nothing that really grabbed our attention. When we reached our destination Brian gave me a quick rundown on what he was going to do and a general idea of what he thought I should do.

Shortly after we split up Brian saw the ass end of a deer, but couldn’t tell what it was. He’s pretty sure it was the big buck he has been chasing around the last week, but couldn’t be sure. It was bone-chilling cold the entire day. I didn’t cover a lot of ground but in the little ways I went I didn’t see where it looked like many deer were moving. I’d imagine they might have been laying low and conserving energy.

As the day progressed Brian and I could feel it warming up or so we thought. I did find a lot of buck sign as well as a few places that intrigued me. It’s wide open country for what I’m used to hunting but I thought it still had some good possibilities. It looks like it would be a really good early season place just because it’s so open. Most places are choked with leaves in the early season, so I made sure to make a mental note of this.

After a long day of hunting Brian and I were happy to get back to the truck. We both commented on how it had warmed up. Well, I don’t know how cold it really was but when we got in the truck the thermometer read 12 degrees.


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