Tuesday October 22, 2013

With the front coming in and the temperature dropping I got into the woods as fast as I could after work. Right before I nestled under a big pine tree where I’ve killed a lot of deer in the past I checked a camera overlooking some oaks that have been dropping nuts. After filtering through 148 pictures I realized the deer have been feeding heavily in that particular place. Although I didn’t get any bucks there seems to be a lot of doe activity, which should bring a curious buck in sometime during the next week. I will be really surprised if I don’t have a buck on film by the end of next week when I go back.

The woods got pretty quiet right before dark. On the way out I jumped a deer, but couldn’t tell what it was. It was near a scrape that had been opened up last week, so it could have been the buck cruising by it at last light. I’ll never know, but I can imagine for now. On my way home I saw a few deer cross the road. We’re very close to go time and when it arrives I want to make sure I’m in the woods. It’s coming soon.

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