Sunday 10/27/2013

As I headed into the woods about an hour before daylight the snow pelted me in the face. With my head lamp brightening the forest in front of me I continued  up the hill for a while and the distance between me and road gradually increased. Before long I felt like something was wrong and before I knew it I was aimlessly wandering through the woods. It’s amazing how you can’t make sense out of anything when it’s completely dark. It’s hard to get your bearings when you can’t see anything. Although my GPS and compass pointed me in one direction I still felt like they were lying to me, so I decided to sit tight until daylight. I was irritated to say the least.  Very rarely do I get messed up in the woods, but on this morning I just wasn’t paying attention. My mind was in a place where it shouldn’t have been and I simply lost my focus.

By the time I got to where I wanted to sit I felt like I had wasted part of the day. I ended up sitting until 11 o’clock before getting up and moving on. Since I sat right next to one of my cameras I decided to check it even though I had checked it the day before. I doctored up a scrape before I left yesterday morning, so I figured maybe something stopped by during the night. To my surprise a little spikehorn did come to the scrape.

I still hunted the rest of the day and before I knew it I was in the truck and headed south. I could call the first weekend of the season a success. It felt really good to be in the woods and I was pleased with the amount of sign I found in different places. I’ll have to wait and see what next weekend brings. Hopefully I’ll get some good weather for hunting. I’m up for anything except torrential rain or high wind.

Here’s a photo fo the little spike visiting the scrape.


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