Monday October 13, 2014

I went back to work this morning, but dad had the day off for Columbus Day. I put my stand in a tree for him in an area where I’ve been getting consistent pictures of a nice buck during daylight. Sure enough, right after the sun came up he saw some movement coming up the hill. A small doe made it’s way under the stand and then he saw another one coming. He was sure it was the buck because the body was big and stocky. A few seconds late and a huge doe walked under him. The rest of the morning passed quickly for him and the buck never showed up.

I went out this evening and sat on the front of the mountain in a place I’ve never sat. I follow the sign and the area was loaded with sign where the deer have been feeding. I was a little surprised when I saw a well-used scrape on the flat. I’ll probably put a camera there in the next week or so. The wind was steady tonight and I didn’t see a thing. We have really high temperatures forecasted for the next few days. I won’t be getting back out until this weekend for the opener of muzzleloading season. I’m looking forward to it and I have a good feeling. I’ll be up north chasing the big boys around. Hopefully a lot of the leaf cover will be gone. The leaves are still pretty thick down here in the southern Adirondacks. Here’s a photo I gout out of one of my cameras. I’ll be checking the other cameras up north this weekend.


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