Monday October 27, 2014

Luckily I got out of work in time to rush into the woods. I set a camera up on a scrape last week and wanted to see if it had any activity. Unfortunately when I arrived the camera wasn’t working and hadn’t taken any pictures at all. It was disappointing to say the least. When I checked my other two cameras I was pleasantly surprised. On the first camera I captured five different bucks and on the second camera I had a new 8-pointer that hadn’t shown up any of the other cameras. Through the course of the evening I saw four deer. It felt good to actually see deer for once. I’m ready for some action. It still doesn’t appear that it’s going to break any time soon. The weather had been staying warm for this time of year. I won’t get out again until the weekend when I head north on Friday morning. I’d post some of the trail cam photos, but I’m having problems loading pictures for some reason. My apologies for that.

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