Saturday November 1, 2014

Well, here we are in the magical month. This is the month that most of us deer hunters wait for all year long. It’s the month when dreams can be made or dashed in the flash of a second. Sometimes the worst season in the world can become the best with the turn of a head. No matter what happens in November the events are always memorable.

I got an early start and made good time getting to my stand. I was there before daylight and the woods were quiet. When I headed in the temperature in my truck read 28 degrees and i welcomed it. It felt relaxing to settle back and wait for the sun to rise in the east. Sometimes it’s amazing how quiet things can be before everything wakes up and begins scurrying around.

Although I didn’t hear any deer crunching through the leaves I didn’t find it depressing. Instead, I imagined what might happen throughout the rest of the morning. As the minutes crept into hours my optimism didn’t fade and seconds later I spotted a deer trotting toward me.

As I searched the landscape behind her I could see him coming quickly. The antlers shone brightly in the sun. It was my trusty dusty little buddy Mr. Four-Pointer. I have pictures of him on every camera in the woods and I’ve decided he’s going to be my bud this year. I have about 4 minutes of video of him. After he chased the doe past me he hung out and wandered around in front of me.

I met a guy in the woods this afternoon. In the last two years I haven’t seen anyone and this year I’ve seen people every time I’ve been in the woods. I’m going across the road tomorrow to check a camera I put in there before the season. I’m hoping there’s more sign in there than where I’m currently hunting. We shall see.




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