Thursday November 13, 2014

It’s winding down quickly now. I’m really pulling for my dad to shoot a giant. Brian and I both know he deserves it more than anyone and we have our fingers crossed that an opportunity presents itself. November 13 has always been one of my best days for killing big bucks, especially in the Adirondacks.  Since I’m not in the Adirondacks this year I’ll have to imagine what could have happened on this day if I was there.

We crossed the river again today in Radisson canoes to get the stands out that we left over there. I saw nine bucks and two of them were right after dropping the stand out of the tree. The majestic buck stood in the hardwoods about a hundred yards from me and stared in my direction. The entire event happened in slow motion and seemed unbelievable in more ways than one. Brian and I stood there and took it all in since dad had just left us and dropped down off the hill to our left. It was just another example of how hunting luck has a lot to do with timing and being in the right place at the right time. This buck was the biggest buck I’ve seen on the trip and I enjoyed every second of our stare-down until he bounded off the hill toward the swamp in the valley below. This area was really good to us although we didn’t release an arrow. The day Brian and dad hunted it before I arrived they had a lot of action. Brian passed a really good 11-pointer that had some palmation on it and dad saw a couple big bucks as well.

Before Brian and I met up he saw two bucks and a couple of does. Overall it was kind of a quiet morning.  In the evening we returned to the area where Brian and I hunted the first few days. I saw four or five does and a couple of small bucks on the way in. I saw a few more milling around right before dark, but in all reality I wasn’t really hunting.

Dad had a good night, but the shooter he saw never came close enough to give him an opportunity. He saw that buck and a few smaller ones along with a bunch of does.


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