Wednesday November 19, 2014

The week is winding down quickly and it seems like I just got here. In some respect I did because I’ve only had a handful of sits. I had a good feeling about today when I rolled out of the sleeping bag, but it didn’t happen. I sat in the stand I set-up last night from sunup to sundown. I saw seven does and seven bucks. A couple of the bucks were nice ones. A 9-pointer and 8-pointer were the top candidates for the day. The 9-pointer was a shooter. I didn’t get a good enough look at him to positively identify him from any of the pictures, but I do know he was a shooter. He came from the field on top and cruised along the fence located just inside the woods. The last deer I saw for the day was at 11:30. When you look back on days like this one it makes you wonder what would have happened if you sat someplace else in the evening. I guess I’ll never know the answer to that question. It got up to 28 degrees today, but as I write this at 9pm it’s back in the mid-teens again.

We got some news from the home front and it snowed like crazy along the great lakes from Erie, PA to Rochester, NY. They have gotten five feet so far and expect another three feet by the time the storm is done. Although it’s cold here it makes me thankful I’m not in that mess. The NY State Thruway is closed until further notice. Dad saw a really nice 8-pointer this morning. It’s the only deer he saw during the morning sit. He said it has a lot of potential to be a dandy in the next few years. He saw the same 8-pointer again tonight in the South Plot with three does. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Dad’s going to sit on the knob. He hasn’t been up there this year.


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