Saturday November 22, 2014

This was our last day in Kansas for 2014. This year was the slowest it has been since we started coming out six years ago. I’m not sure what factors led to the slow week because according to my buddies the few weeks before we arrived things were hopping. I guess we missed the boat with that.

I dropped dad off this morning so he could go to the cedar stand for his last sit. He felt pretty good about his chances. When I headed back toward camp a few does crossed the road with a buck in hot pursuit. It was the first deer we saw on the road this week. Since I was going to get a stand he had left in the woods I had to park in a small cornfield a little ways up the road. When I pulled into the field a shooter buck was chasing a doe around in it. He was a solid 8-pointer with a big and burly body. Since fog had encompassed the surrounding area they both mysteriously disappeared into nowhere as if a magic spell had been cast upon them.

I found dad’s stand and climbed into it. The fog made it all but impossible to see more than 50 yards in any direction. Before long I had a deer blowing at me, but then again I’m not so sure of that because the wind wasn’t blowing in that direction. No matter what caused the deer to start blowing it stopped a few seconds later and the woods became eerily quiet once again.

When the phone buzzed in my pocket I ignored it and figured I would look at it in a little while. By the time I pulled it out of my pocket I was ecstatic to see that dad had seen a few bucks chasing does. Although he hadn’t seen a good one yet he was optimistic about his chances.

After reading the message I answered him to see what he was going to do and how long he was going to sit. A few seconds after I answered, my phone began to ring and it was him. He informed me that he had shot a nice buck. The rack wasn’t very large, but it was a big mature buck. He said he wasn’t going to shoot it at first, but the deer was acting strange. A really nice 11-pointer was standing next to the buck, but he could tell that deer had a lot of potential if he had the ability to mature.

I told him to sit tight and I would come get him so we could take some pictures and get the deer out of the woods. That topped the trip off. I was glad to see him arrow a nice buck, but I still can’t figure out why he has never killed a giant. Every night when I go to sleep I pray that one day he’s able to shoot a deer larger than either one of us could ever imagine. He deserves it more than anyone I know, so until he stops hunting I’ll continue wishing upon falling stars for the same thing to happen. Here are some photos of dad’s last minute buck. This is the second time we’ve been lucky enough to kill a deer on our last sit of the year in Kansas.


IMG_1803   IMG_1807  IMG_0158



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