September 15

I’ve been wandering around the woods a little bit this week. Over the weekend I went to a place in southern zone to help a friend set some trail cameras.

I couldn’t believe how dry it was. We need some rain. There was a fair amount of sign, but nothing overwhelming. The weeks ahead should give a better idea of what’s to be expected once the leaves begin to fall.

Although I’ve never been into trail cameras I decided that I would play around with one this season just to see what I might capture on film. Since I’m learning the ropes with my new camera I put it on the property behind the house. I downloaded the pictures off from it and moved it to another place tonight. I got some nice pictures of a doe that appeared to be feeding in the middle of the afternoon.

I moved it to a place that the same deer has been traveling on a regular basis. I’m pretty sure he beds across the road and travels to our fields after dark to feed. I hope that I get a few pictures by next week to see if my theory proves to be true.

Here are a few pictures of the doe that was feeding in front of the camera.

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