Sunday December 7, 2014

The rifle season has come to a close. Today was pretty uneventful. I did a lot of walking without much luck. I expected to see something. I actually expected to put a big buck on the ground. For the amount of land that I traversed I was highly disappointed in the number of tracks I cut.

This was the day I was trying to cut a track and go. Sometimes you can feel it in your gut that you’re going to get lucky and I felt that when I woke up. Unfortunately it didn’t happen and I slowly walked out of the woods with a sense of gratification. I learned a lot this year in this chunk of woods.

Although I spent a lot of time in different places this hunting season I learned a lot in my limited time in this small area. I explored some new areas. I became buddies with a few resident deer and enjoyed watching them throughout the year. I saw a few hunters in action, some of which highly disappointed me and others which impressed me. My buddy Josh celebrated the taking of a great Adirondack buck, which was a tribute to his father who passed away far too young in October. He was only in his early 50s.

As with any hunting season it went too quickly. We wait for it all year and once it gets here you can’t stop the clock and the minutes tick by faster than you can count them. I enjoy every single day in the woods whether it’s pouring rain or bright sun because no tomorrow is ever guaranteed.

Here are two photos of the same spot to show the change of seasons in the Adirondacks. One is the early season and one was from today. I only have next weekend left for late muzzleloader. It isn’t open at my camp so the options of hunting places are limited.


IMG_1155    IMG_0185

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