A New Beginning: #DIY Public Land Hunting



I’ve been tossing around a lot of ideas lately and I believe I’ve come up with something I want to explore. I’m not sure it it will remain on this website or if I’ll transfer it to www.adktrailcam.com or create an entirely new place to host the information. No matter where it ends up I hope you follow along and pass the information on to anyone you believe could benefit from it.

I plan on exploring many facets of hunting on public land. I’ve been lucky enough to hunt across the country on a variety of public land ranging from my home state of New York to Colorado. Every piece of public hunting ground I’ve hunted has had unique features that attracted my attention. Without these features I wouldn’t have ended up in a lot of these places and the experiences I’ve gained might have gone in a different direction.

Fortunately, most of the choices I’ve made along the way have proven to be successful. While some of the choices were made on the go others were thought about long before hitting the road. Sometimes you have to change on the fly due to unforeseen issues and backup plans are a necessity in order to make the most out of a bad situation.

I can’t tell you where this venture is going to take us, but I hope I’m able to help you if you’re looking for more information about hunting on public land in your home state and states you’ve imagined hunting in for many years. I’ll touch on all of the topics associated with hunting public ground such as travel, lodging, food, hunting partners, hunting areas and gear. I encourage you to email me and ask questions. I would like this to be an open forum where we can all learn from one another. Please share this on your social media pages and in emails with your friends. The larger audience we build the more participation we will gain. If you have anything you would like to add to the discussion don’t be afraid to speak up. I hope you’re all as excited about this new adventure as I am.

I’m currently more than halfway through the writing of my third book. This book is going to be a little different than the last two books. This has much more “How To” stuff in it based on my experiences. It doesn’t necessarily mean my information is the gospel, but it does mean that all of the information I share with the readers is a direct result of things that actually happened. It won’t be your generic “A cold front is coming through. You better get in the woods.” or “The moon is overhead. The deer will move like crazy today.” Instead of following along the lines of the magazine articles I went out on a limb in some places and challenged some of these long term beliefs. In my opinion I don’t believe many writers use actual experiences to construct their articles. Instead they research what other people have written about. That’s why you consistently see the same information every year.

Please email me any feedback you might have. Thanks for joining the journey.


Todd A. Mead


12 Responses to “A New Beginning: #DIY Public Land Hunting”

  1. good idea it’ll work

  2. Tom mallette says:

    I think your headed in the right direction

  3. Joe Grimaldi says:

    Great idea Eric. I rifle hunt the lower Adirondack Park and aside from there being low deer numbers, there is no place that I would rather hunt. Public land is sometimes the only option for the average working guy. I think this would be a great asset for hunters that would like the added challenge of hunting public land. I think it is important to touch on how differently game reacts to hunting pressure on public land as opposed to private in different areas of the country. Good luck on this journey.

  4. admin says:

    Thanks Joe. In the future when we email back and forth my name is Todd. Hopefully people will participate and ask questions. People like you will make this a success. I look forward to the comments from all of you. Hopefully we can work together to bring people what they’re looking for and answer any questions they might have. Thanks for dropping me a line. I appreciate it. If you haven’t read any of my previous books feel free to check them out. The new public hunting book will be similar with a lot more information on things people need to know if they’re hunting on public land.

  5. admin says:

    Thanks Tom. Hopefully we can all work together and help each other. That’s my goal.

  6. admin says:

    Thanks Bill. I’ll have to add some stuff about our great elk hunt a few years back.

  7. Jeff Swafford says:

    You are just getting started on what most hunters who hunt public land want to know. Some don’t have private land so there is no choice. I see anything directed towards this subject a positive.


  8. Brian cambra says:

    Super good idea i live in pa and i hunt a lot of game lands that’s public land and there’s a lot of deer on them there 100 of thousands of acers in pa to hunt if you were ever in northwestern pa id show u a few game lands to hunt and whatever eles u needed good luck with it all

  9. admin says:

    Brian, I hear that area holds some really good deer. I have a picture of a guy in my book 2nd book “Backcountry Bucks” who hunts public ground in PA. Thanks for the offer. If you’re ever up here in the Adirondacks feel free to give me a shout. I’d be glad to show you around. Please continue sharing the page so we can all share our experiences together.

  10. admin says:

    When I sat down and thought about it I figured the vast majority of hunters have to hunt on public land. Since I’ve accrued a lot of knowledge on the subject and I figured if I could share it and grow the community maybe we could all gain from it. Thanks for participating and leaving a comment. I appreciate it.

  11. Dave Badgley says:

    Incredible idea! I can’t wait for the 3rd installment of How to with the Mead’s…
    I hope I can get a signed 1st edition to add to my collection?

    Living down here in the southern tier, the hunting pressure can be intense, and all the good 2-3 year old bucks are culled before their prime.
    Tell Dad I said hello, hope to see you on the trail some weekend.


  12. admin says:

    Thanks for the feedback Dave. I appreciate it.

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