The Monkey’s Last Ride For Now

It has been a long time since I’ve been here, probably too long. My mind has been running like a crazed dog lately. It’s possible that I’m spending too much time alone if that makes any sense. While I’ve always enjoyed my own company it can sometimes create havoc.

Over the weekend I went for a walk. I had to clear my mind and take in the surroundings. I wandered around for a while with no destination in mind. I let my feet guide me across the field. Once my left foot followed the right one I knew where they were going to take me. As they guided me along I didn’t resist. I needed to go where they were bringing me. I knew that I would end up on the edge of the creek that I often visited as a child.

When I finally arrived I found a spot under a mature hemlock tree and sat down. As I gazed into the water I could hear the gentle and soothing noise of the water making its way over a fallen log. I closed my eyes and began meditating.  Many years ago I told myself that I would meditate daily, but that idea was lost along the way. Although I never totally eliminated it, I don’t do it as much as I should.

I concentrated on my breathing and let my mind drift. When thoughts came in I acknowledged that they were there, but I didn’t address them beyond that. I slowly inhaled and exhaled. I felt the stress elevating from my head and making its way into the sky above me. I was all alone. My mind eventually became quiet, if only for a second. Shortly after I arrived at this happy place my attention was drawn to some rustling in the leaves across the creek. I could here some cutting and putting. A flock of turkeys made their way across the hill. Although I’m not all that familiar with turkey language I’m pretty sure that their noises signified that everything was ok. They were walking through the woods talking to each other.

By that time the sun was beating down on my back. I could feel sweat trickling down my spine and onto the top side of my rear-end. It gave me the sense that I was alive. It wasn’t anything more than a simple reminder that my body was functioning as it should. It was hot out and the sun was making sure that I felt its presence.

There wasn’t a lot of movement across the forest floor after the turkeys cleared out. An occasional bird flew by and every once in a while a squirrel would run down a log or jump from one tree limb to another. It was perfectly clear that I wasn’t the only one enjoying the nice weather.

I sat under that tree for the better part of an hour. I didn’t have anywhere to go. I wasn’t in a hurry to rush off like I so often am. Instead, I decided I would let my mind wander a few minutes before heading back to where I came from.

When I began the trek I understood that something more than my inner being was pushing me forward. Something in the depths of my soul was giving me a gentle push. I could feel it, but I tried my hardest not to acknowledge it………….just as in meditation. The harder I tried the worse it became. It jumped on my back like a desperate monkey in the jungle.

Before long I had to stand tall and let this monkey ride on my back. He gently sat on my shoulder and whispered in my ear. I’m pretty sure he was whispering, but at times it seemed that he was screaming. He told me to get moving. Life doesn’t stand still for anyone and time passes quickly. Too many people live their entire lives without taking that one step out of the ordinary to do something extraordinary. For a while I felt like I was on a good path, but the last couple of months everything has come to a stand-still.

I’ve always taken advantage of every minute of every day. None of us know what day will be our last so we have to try to do everything we can with the time that we are given. Every person has 24 hours a day to do their thing. I’m one of many that has a habit of saying that I’m too busy for this or that. In all reality none of us are too busy for anything. We usually make up an excuse because it makes us feel better for not accomplishing something that we should have.

As the monkey sat there he eventually became quiet. When he stopped speaking the point was taken. The monkey chatter of my mind has engulfed me and it is time to let some of that go. It’s time to center the  mind once again and find peace. All it took was a simple walk to the creek behind the house to figure this out.

With spring comes new growth. New growth for plants and people alike. While I will participate in all of my normal springtime activities this year I will also search for that itty bitty, tiny piece that is missing. I’m not exactly sure what it is, but I’m aware that there is something. As one foot follows the other I’ll keep faith that they lead me to this hidden jewel that I must find. One day leads into the next and I’ll surely be up at the crack of dawn to welcome whatever is waiting for me.

You can ride along quietly for now my friend, but your chatter will all but disappear in the coming weeks………………….Mr. Meditation and Mr. Focus are waiting to welcome me into their world and I have accepted the invitation.

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