Look at Yourself After Watching the Video

I just spent an hour writing what I thought was a really good entry. Unfortunately when I  hit save I accidentally deleted the entire file. That’s the way it seems to be working for me lately. A bit of bad luck has been following me around for a while, but it’s bound to change.

I watched an inspiring video this evening that I will share with you when I’m done writing. The guy in the video has a few physical limitations that make us question ourselves when we start complaining about things.

No matter how we’re born or what happens to us along the way, we are responsible for how we react to the situations we encounter. Some people have a habit of blaming others for all of their problems. This negative energy is easily transferred from one person to another. Sometimes people don’t even realize the energy has encompassed them. They get mad at their friends and family members when things are pointed out that should be addressed. They make excuses for others and turn the other cheek as if to ignore the reality of the problems.

A few people even get so lost in their partner that they begin to adopt the partner’s lifestyle and lose their own identity. The sad part is that most of the time these people don’t even realize what has happened to them.

Fortunately, some people realize it and push forward into new lives. They leave the old behind and regain what had been taken from them. Jealousy can create a lot of problems between lovers. If one partner has a good job and pursues avenues to better themselves the other partner might become jealous because they see themselves as being worthless. They take it out on their partner and show no support. On the other hand,  some other partners sometimes want their mate to keep pushing forward and give them support just so they don’t have to take care of anything. Instead, their partner will achieve better things, which in turn will create more opportunities, so they can sit back and continue benefiting from the success of someone else. It’s a double edged sword.

These people that sit back and live off others are usually not happy with their own lives. They blame their parents, siblings or lovers for everything that’s wrong. These people never take accountability for their own positions. It’s easier to point fingers. These people lack motivation and become leeches.

One of my good friends recently peeled off a blood-sucking leech. Once the leech was gone it was much easier to breathe. Although much of the negativity was never noticed when the leech was attached, it was blatantly obvious how badly it hung in the air once the leech was gone.

The problem for many people is the fear of the unknown. For some reason they can’t see themselves pushing out into the world on their own and taking a leap of faith. Instead, they get stuck in unhealthy routines and days pass into months, which quickly turn into years. Once the time is gone they can’t ever get it back.

As you watch this video try to think of ways you can help yourself to achieve the things you want to achieve. It should become obvious that people can do anything they want to if they put their minds to it. However, we have to watch people that make excuses for everything under the sun such as not being able to get jobs, keep jobs, pay for homes, afford cars, take care of their children and contribute to society. In order to live successful, fulfilling lives we need to try our hardest to avoid these types of people.

In my eyes there are three types of people. The users and abusers, the middle of the road people, and the motivated ones who set goals and achieve them. Which one are you? Which type are you attracted to? Which type is in your life? And, which type do you want to be like and which type is the best for you? These are all questions you have to answer for yourself.

When you watch this video listen closely to everything the man says from start to finish. There are some very powerful messages in his speech. If you don’t get a little choked up I will be surprised. Let me know what you think. If I could model myself after someone, I would surely try to model myself after this man. I hope you enjoy the video. God bless and good night.

Look At Yourself

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