On the Edge

A few weeks ago I got home around 10 o’clock on a Friday night. Since I had to get on the road first thing the next morning to attend a show I quickly looked at my email to make sure no last minute changes had taken place.

When I glanced at the emails I found one that seemed odd. I didn’t recognize the sender’s name and the title of the email was……..I guess…….a little strange. I didn’t want to open it up and have a virus attack the computer so I decided to wait until the next morning. As I laid in bed I couldn’t get it out of my head. Something told me I should open it. Eventually I fell asleep.

When morning came I slowly rolled over to hit the nagging alarm clock. Five o’clock was coming a little too early for a weekend. After I turned it off I picked my phone up and went into my email. I clicked on it and opened it up.

What I found was simply amazing. At first I thought it was a bogus letter that you receive from someone overseas who has a big treasure you have to claim. As I read I saw that this person was specifically speaking to me.

She started off by telling me about her mother’s situation and how she couldn’t handle watching her mother die. She had returned to her mom’s home to be there when she died. At first she couldn’t bear the sight, but after a short discussion with the hospice people she knew she had to dig deep, find strength and cherish the last few days of her mother’s life.

In the evening she read “The Shack” and found a quote that I once wrote about which reads, “Sadness is the wall between two gardens.”

After she read the quote she decided to google the meaning of it the next day. When she googled the meaning my blog came up. She went there and read what I had written.

She told me how she could relate to everything I said. In the last sentence she simply thanked me for making a difference in her life. I sat there in awe after I read the last sentence. I didn’t know this woman from any other person walking down the street. I didn’t know if she was 21 or 71. I didn’t know if she was from the United States or Europe. All I knew is that she somehow found her way to my site.

After I showered and got on the road I took in the surroundings. It was a bright sunny day and fairly warm for late winter. I’m not sure but I think I could see hints of an early spring. My thoughts kept dashing back to the email. In a paragraph this woman told me I had made a difference in her life. In some ways I felt like the luckiest man alive. Although I know I’ve touched other souls this one was just different.

Now, a few weeks later, after a few email exchanges I find it even more amazing how different things in my life and hers have striking similarities. She wrote something to me about how spirits find a way to connect and for some reason I have to agree with her.

After I received that email other strange things started happening. Within a week I received three emails from random people which were very much like that one.

The most intriguing one came from a visual artist who is from Australia, but he’s here in the United States working on a project. He told me he googled a few things while doing research and my name appeared so he sought me out. He sent me his website to see some of the work he has done and I find it amazing. When he’s done with this project it will be featured in different art galleries across the world.

I’ve been told many times that we make our own luck. I’m not sure if I made my own luck with everything that’s going on but I do feel pretty good that people found me when they were searching for answers to specific questions.

I’ll be spending the next three days with the visual artist/film director from Australia. I can’t wait to spend time with someone from another country. I’ve been fortunate enough to spend a lot of time with people from South America over the last few years, but this will be the first time I’ve been able to meet with someone from down under. I’m sure it will be an eye-opening experience.

Life keeps dropping things in my lap. I’m pretty sure I’m on the edge of something that remains hidden right now. I’ve been getting the same feeling I get when I hunt. As one day leads into the next and I begin seeing a lot of sign or a few more animals than normal I can always feel it in my gut that I’m getting close. Then, more times than not, I take a deer within the next few days.

All of the unique emails recently give me the same feeling. I’m not sure what’s coming, but there’s definitely something waiting to be found. I’ll welcome it when it presents itself.

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