Random Thoughts from 2020

  Instead of rambling in an essay, I decided to bullet point some things that I experienced in 2020. I also included many random thoughts about things that crossed my mind throughout the year. I hope you enjoy and can relate in some way. 

  • My third book, “Pursuing Public Land Bucks,” hit the market early in the year
  • Expecting another relaxing winter in the sunshine, my parents left for Florida on Jan. 1 and never imagined what would transpire
  • I traveled to Massachusetts to shoot at Jason Vanhillo’s annual New Year’s Day tournament with Chris Hall and Jeff Wagoner, and I introduced Chris to a great bunch of guys
  • Got lucky enough to win the NFAA NY State Indoor Championship and the NFAA Mid-Atlantic Indoor Sectional
  • Same weekend I won the sectional, Dad called me on his way home from the ASA Pro-Am in Alabama to tell me he had finished in fourth place but didn’t feel well. 
  • A few days later, I found myself on a plane to Florida to watch Dad fight for his life
  • Took a chance on getting Mom and Dad home from Florida in April, so Dad could get better care and be treated by his own doctors
  • Finally started writing a novel
  • Moved in with Mom and Dad to care for them
  • Although my heart wasn’t in it, I went to the First Leg of the IBO National Triple Crown and finished in seventh place without attending one 3D shoot before going.
  • Attended the Second Leg of the IBO National Triple Crown and finished in fifth place
  • IBO World got canceled, so I finished in fourth place overall and never attended one 3D shoot for the year, besides the two legs, that had Rinehart targets.
  • Went to Colorado elk hunting without my father for the first time since 1991
  • Brought two newbies, Josh and Jacob, to Colorado
  • Went to Illinois to hunt with my Dad, Josh, Brian and Jeff
  • Spent many days at camp in the Adirondacks with my Dad
  • Began working from home full time

                       My Random Thoughts from the Year

  • Many people have no patience
  • When a government official shuts down a state and you have to cancel your VRBO reservation, it says a lot when the owner of the unit holds a job in senior management in Merrill/Lynch and also won a Person of the Year award, and she refuses to refund any of your money
  • People can portray themselves as caring and nice
  • True character can never be hidden
  • Don’t confuse people who are extremely kind and caring for people who are giving good health care
  • Health care is not good in Florida
  • Listen to others when they have done the proper research and given solid advice
  • There are always two sides to every story. It’s wise to stay neutral and listen to both sides
  • The truth most likely lies in the middle 
  • A person’s character doesn’t change overnight
  • It takes years to build a good reputation, but it can be destroyed by one bad decision
  • Reputations can also be destroyed or strengthened if people don’t know your true character
  • If you dislike someone, dislike that person alone. Don’t recruit others to join your cause……..it clearly displays your true character
  • Not everyone can do good work while working from home
  • Some people need constant supervision — others need none
  • If people didn’t work much in the office, expect these people to work even less from home
  • Be accountable for your actions
  • Don’t pass the blame
  • As a leader, know how to readjust on the fly and rectify major issues when your poorly executed plans affect every link in the chain
  • Don’t sail your ship into an iceberg when your crew is telling you that your original route needs to be modified
  • Unsinkable ships sink
  • Chains are only as strong as their weakest link
  • Change is not always good and being able to recognize that is essential
  • I’ve finally come to realize why greed is one of the deadly sins
  • The United States is on its way to becoming a third-world country 
  • Corporate America was not set up to be run in small-town America
  • Caring for loved ones is easy when you realize they must come first at times
  • You can never repay people for their care and love so give them the same in return
  • If you don’t like things, find constructive ways to change them
  • Giving constructive criticism is not being negative but not hearing the criticism and labeling the source as being negative displays your arrogance and ignorance
  • Find a way to agree to disagree without getting combative
  • Don’t stomp your feet, kick, throw your arms in the air and yell when you don’t get your own way
  • The people you support, no matter what side, are the ones who are going to cause a revolution
  • Having no term limits will lead to the fall of the country
  • Whether you want to believe it or not, all leaders have a dog in the fight, even if you can’t see the dog lying in the shadows under the bushes
  • Social media has created more experts than I care to listen to
  • Advice for kids: learn a trade or go to college. You’re not all going to make a living making videos for YouTube and TikTok.
  • Alcoholism is a disease
  • Watching an alcoholic is mind-boggling and sad
  • Life is the highest of all highs – if you allow it to be
  • Archery and hunting are my drugs, and I’m addicted to both
  • Being friends with recovered alcoholics and drug addicts is refreshing and eye-opening. They help me understand other people
  • Listen to people who have been there and done that 
  • Parents need to parent their children and raise them to live independent lives
  • You will most likely have a few jobs you don’t like, but it’s not an excuse to not go to work
  • You will encounter bosses you don’t like. Learn to deal with it. It makes you stronger
  • Surround yourself with motivated people
  • Set goals, no matter how big or small, and work to achieve them
  • Make lists – it’s always rewarding to check things off a list
  • Look at the people you spend time with and get a good look — You are an average of the five people you spend the most time with
  • Teamwork is impossible if a teammate has his own agenda
  • Panic/anxiety is a real problem — be understanding and supportive
  • Mental institutions could easily become commonplace again
  • Retirement will soon be a thing of the past
  • As more and more people must rely on 401Ks to survive, the workforce will suffer and there will be hundreds of thousands of elderly people who will be broke and need care
  • Being in the outdoors brings me an inner peace that most people will never experience
  • The flight of an arrow is and always will be mystical to me
  • I love archery
  • How others define you doesn’t matter. Define your own life and legacy
  • I’m thankful every day for incredible parents
  • Medtronic has the worst customer service of any company I’ve ever dealt with in my life, and it seems to get worse every time I deal with the company
  • Diabetic supplies that are required to sustain life are far too expensive
  • Almost all photos are taken during good times
  • Photos will make you smile — look at them and go back in time
  • Life is fleeting
  • I’ve lived one of the richest lives in the world, but I have never been wealthy
  • I treat all people the same – until they give me a reason not to
  • I learned to live a disciplined life as a child, otherwise I’d be dead
  • I’m thankful for everyone who has ever been a part of my life. You helped mold me into the person I’ve become – so Thank You
  • My parents are my heroes

7 Responses to “Random Thoughts from 2020”

  1. Scott Keith says:

    Todd sorry to hear your father was sick I pray he is better now.your writings are awesome as I have alll 3 books and enjoy them. I hope 2021 brings you and your family health and happyness. Have a happy New Year

  2. Michael Sellers says:

    I am not a prolific reader, but there are authors I love. Patrick McManus is my all time favorite. I have read most everything he has written. I also like Clive Cussler, Tom Clancy, and James Patterson round out my favorite authors. I have only read one of your books but I enjoyed it. I have a grandson who wants me to teach him how to hunt, I passed your book to him as a good read.

    This was an interesting read. I never had the parental role models you had. My observation is the journey to becoming a good man may take some many, many more years. I applaud those who persevere.

  3. Anne Sardins says:

    Omg Todd, this blog is incredible and inspiring! I always knew you were down to earth and intelligent! Your Bullet points are so real! Makes me think of some of my shortcomings! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  4. Anne Sardina says:

    Omg Todd, this blog is incredible and inspiring! I always knew you were down to earth and intelligent! Your Bullet points are so real! Makes me think of some of my shortcomings! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  5. Tony McCutcheon says:

    Counting your many blessings, ‘One by One ‘. Helps me realize how and what is important to me.

  6. Paul Waytkus says:

    Prayers to you and your Family Todd! 2020 was a tough year for a lot of people, you give a lot of good advise and I’m proud to no you and think of you as a friend.

  7. Mike Homan says:

    Loved this post! Great insight!

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