Thursday, November 12, 2015

Today I dropped Brian off in the place where I killed the deer a few days ago. He was pretty excited about returning there. Personally, I thought there was a little too much activity in the area over the last few days to have a successful hunt, but you never know what could walk past you during the rut. It was in the low 30s when I dropped him off.

After pulling back onto the road, I decided I would pull a few cameras. Unfortunately, people were parked in the areas where I had cameras placed, so I decided to scout an area we hadn’t hunted.

When I was walking around, a big 10-pointer chased a doe right past me. I definitely would have shot it if I still had a tag. By the time I got back to the truck, I had seen three bucks and a few does. If I return in future years, I will definitely be hunting in this area. There didn’t appear to be too much pressure once I got back in a ways.

Dad finally got a shot today at the buck he has been seeing. The shot was less than ideal and it didn’t connect.

Doug and I went to pull a stand that Brian and I had set up earlier in the week. We only used it twice. I think it would have been a lot better if they didn’t cut the corn in the field behind it during the middle of the week. I had a really good feeling about the stand. I think we should have used it more than we did.

As we got close to the stand, I spotted a big buck entering the corn field on the other side of it. It was 1:30 p.m. and the buck didn’t have a care in the world. It walked into the field and fed on the loose kernels in the field that remained from when the farmer picked the corn a few days earlier. Doug and I took video and pictures until the buck eventually trotted back into the thick cover. It was an unbelievable sight to watch.

After pulling the stand, we went to retrieve one of the cameras I had left in the area. The camera was nowhere to be found. Someone stole it, and I’m pretty sure I know who took it. I think it was the guy that gave my dad some crap earlier in the week. That guy’s vehicle was the only one we saw parked on the road throughout the week in that spot, and we passed the spot every day.

Ooops, I almost forgot. This morning after dropping Brian off, I saw three different 150-class bucks cross the road in front of me in one quarter mile stretch. It was incredible! Every one of them had broken tines. It was a sight that I will never forget. I also mentally noted the place where I saw them.

Here are a few pictures of the buck Doug and I saw while pulling my stand.

IMG_0078 IMG_0079 IMG_0080 IMG_0083


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