Tuesday November 16, 2010

Today was crystal clear. It started off about 30 degrees and topped out at 50. I hunted the bowl. At first light I had a really good buck go under me. I glassed him and thought he wasn’t a shooter until it was too late.

A short time later does started piling past me. I sat the entire day because the action was non-stop. I ended up seeing 29 does with 5 button-bucks. I think many of the deer were repeats but it’s hard to know for sure. I saw the same big 8-pointer that I passed yesterday as well as another 8 which was a tad smaller. I also saw a scrubby 6-pointer as well as the largest body 6-pointer I’ve ever seen.

Dad saw a good buck while sitting outside the tent at 1pm. He was fixing mantles on the lantern when a doe came screaming off the hill in front of him with a shooter buck in hot pursuit. In his morning sit he saw 19 does and three bucks. I have a feeling we’re on the edge. All we need now is a little luck. The wind was mostly WNW most of the day until is shifted to WSW an hour or so before dark. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Crappy picture, but this is the shooter I accidentally passed

Small 8-pointer I passed

Good 8-pointer I passed

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