Wednesday November 17, 2010

The time is starting to get away from us. Hopefully we can something in front of us worth shooting. It rained most of the day today. I sat down below the knob next to the culvert in the woods today. It’s the first time I sat there this year.

I had action right at daylight. A half-rack 8-pointer came from behind me. He was in cruising mode and passed directly underneath me. A few minutes later I saw teh big broken tined 6-pointer followed by the big 7-pointer that got his ass kicked by the forked brow 10-pointer a few days ago in the cornfield. A short time later a nice 8-pointer chased a doe down off the hill to me. At 11 o’clock I had a really good 10-pointer come from behind me. He was a marginal shooter with a crab claw on the end. I got out of the stand at noon which was probably a mistake. On the way out I saw a small buck on the top of the hill next to the cut cornfield. It looks like an awesome place for a stand and there has been a lot of activity there. As I continued down the logging road toward the truck I saw the buck they nicknamed Captain Hook. He has a long dagger spike on one side and a nice, large 4 points on the other side with a hook down near the base of his antler.

Tonight I sat in the big timber plot with is a standing soybean field. I saw a shooter 8-pointer just inside the timber. It was 3:15pm. He never came to the plot. Right at dark a doe came in to feed. The wind was absolutely howling. Dad saw a pile of does today and a really nice 8-pointer tonight. Hopefully tomorrow will be the day. Here’s Captain Hook.

Soybean plot I sat on.

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