Thursday November 18, 2010

Today was a little different. A few years ago dad tumbled to the ground from his treestand because he didn’t have his safety harness on. Today the bottom of his climbing stand kicked out and he became suspended in the tree for a few minutes before figuring out a way to lower himself to the ground.  This will be the topic of my next article for Outdoors Magazine.

At first light I had 3 does, the same burly 6-pointer and a small 8-pointer go past me on. At 9:30am I had an 8-pointer with a forked G-2 come into five yards. He spent 15 minutes under me. I thought he was a mature deer but I wasn’t sure enough to shoot him.  I ended up getting some great video of him. I sat in the same place tonight and saw a small 8-pointer with a webbed rack especially on the right side. Dad didn’t see a deer this morning. He saw 7 does and 2 bucks tonight.

Hopefully our time doesn’t run out before we got a shot opportunity. It’s winding down quickly.

Here’s the picture of the forked G-2 buck I passed.

Not sure I should have passed this guy.

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