Friday November 19, 2010

Our trip is winding down too quickly. It looks like it’s not going to happen this year. While we could have killed many good bucks we just haven’t had an opportunity at something that really got our attention.

This morning was really windy. The wind swirled in every direction possible. We saw a few deer when we parked the truck. One was a nice buck that was bedded on a side hill with a few does. We could see their eyes with the flashlight and the binoculars made it easy to identify them.

I decided to try to outsmart the deer and move up the hill from where I’ve been in hopes of cutting them off on the edge of a cut cornfield. At first light I saw two does behind me and another three in front of me. Shortly after they went by a one horned spike went by followed by the same shooter 7-pointer that I’ve seen all over the farm. A really nice, but young 10-pointer followed the does too. I bleated him right in. He will be a crusher in a couple of years if he survives.

At 9:30am I heard a twig snap and saw a giant 10-pointer heading in my direction. I ranged him at 35 yards but never got a shot. He sensed something was wrong and headed out. He got a whiff of me and simply turned around and walked back in the direction he came from.

About an hour later a small 10-pointer came in. Tonight I sat in the Grunt Stand……….named because you have to grunt and groan to climb a very steep hill to get to it. I saw the forked brow tine 10-pointer. He was out of range to shoot at. I would have loved to get a crack at him, but the opportunity never presented itself. Once again I saw the shooter 7-pointer and took some video of him in the cornfield. I also saw the same one-horned spike as well as 10-15 does. Dad had a slow day but he did see a few bucks including the bad-ass 6-pointer that I’ve been seeing on a daily basis. That dude has a serious attitude. Even though he’s a small buck, when he shows up all the other bucks move out.

I saw this buck everywhere on the farm.

Here’s the split brow 10-pointer. I saw him twice during the week.

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