Saturday November 20, 2010

Today was a slow day. It was damp, chilly and windy this morning. Nobody saw much movement at all. I saw 2 does about and hour after daylight and anohter one on my way out of the woods at noon. Dad saw a few does and Captain Hook.

Tonight I sat in the Grunt Stand again. I saw 11 does and one buck. The buck was the bad-ass 6-pointer. He never came into the corn. He stayed on the flat below me. Dad saw 3 does tonight. The activity slowed to a crawl today. It might be because of the full moon. We’ll have one last sit in Kansas for 2010 in the morning.

It will be good to head home. I had a great trip even though this will be the third year in a row that I haven’t put one on the ground. I guess that makes up for the 21 straight years that I did. I finally got the point where I just want to kill big bucks, but I think in some respects I need to get back to the basics and find a little of the old me in there someplace. I’m really not sure.

Our buddy Rob Miner killed a unique looking deer last night back home in the Adirondacks. I guess there was a doe in heat which had 3 bucks in the same area. I’m happy for Rob. He used to be one of the toughest guys I’ve ever known. Unfortunately a drunk drive hit him head on a while back and he had to have hip replacement surgery. I’m sure this buck was pretty gratifying. Way to go ol’ bud if you’re reading this. My buddy Bobby Kendall killed his 2nd giant of the year today in Illinois on the first evening of opening day of shotgun season, too.

Bobby Kendall's 2nd Illinois Giant of 2010

Since I’m writing this after the fact we ended up sitting the following morning and we didn’t see a deer.

Rob Miner's Buck

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