Tuesday November 23, 2010

We arrived home late last night. It was pouring rain this morning so I decided to hold off until this afternoon to get into the woods. I went up to check on my camera. Although I knew I left it in a crappy place I was still interested to see if I had captured any images. To my surprise I found a few more bucks and a nice gobbler.

I didn’t see any deer and I was somewhat disappointed to find where someone had cleared a few places out to sit right around my treestand. Since I’ve never seen anyone in that area in 25 years I was really surprised. When I got to my treestand it almost looked as if someone had messed around with the pull ropes that dangle to the ground from the stand. While I can’t be sure I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m right.

Here are a few of the pictures that were on my camera. I never changed the time on the camera after the time change so the pictures are actually an hour earlier than what they say.

Small 7-pointer with a broken main beam at the end.

Different view of the same 7-pointer

A nice ADK gobbler

Another nice buck

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