Sunday, November 19, 2017

You might call me possessed, but after sitting in a truck for two days, I rushed into the woods when I got home. I wanted to check my local trail cameras to see if the deer I’ve been trying to save survived the entire time I was gone. I wanted to think he survived but didn’t get my hopes up.

When I rushed into the woods, I had no idea what to expect. Opening the trail camera, I wanted to see the deer and knew I would be disappointed if i didn’t see him. It didn’t take me long to find him. His picture was front and center when the card engaged in the reader.

As I scrolled through the pictures, I couldn’t believe that he had been there every morning and evening in the daylight for the last week. He would be extremely easy to kill if I had a tag. I went home and told Dad about it, and he told me that he might go try to kill him during the week.

I was disappointed and suggested that he leave the deer alone so it can survive the hunting season. The deer has super potential and could turn into a legitimate giant in another year. Since I can’t see the actual pictures I’m posting, I’m just hoping that the deer is in one of them. I’m having computer issues.





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