Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Well, my two days back to work flew by. I was glad to be back in the woods today. I hunted with Dad and began pursuing black bears. I’m hoping to get onto one in the next week and a half so I can fill both of my big game tags. I’ll miss the deer hunting, but I can’t complain about a filled tag.

Since I wasn’t too concerned about anything other than finding bear scat or where one has been feeding, I rammed through the woods today. I did check a few cameras that I had set out, but nothing much appeared on either of them. I guess I’m thankful for that.

The weather forecast called for zero percent chance of precipitation. I got soaked from a wet snow which turned into heavy rain. It wasn’t good. I wasn’t prepared for the bad weather, but I stuck it out and gave it a go. My dad still has a buck tag, and he had no intentions of coming out of the woods.

We were in the woods from sunup until sundown, reaching the truck an hour after darkness consumed the woods. People wonder why we put so much into it, especially after a successful trip to the Midwest, but we love being together in the big woods. It’s where our bread has been buttered as hunters. It’s where we learned how to play the game and be successful. It’s something that’s  a part of us and always will be.

Dad saw a handful of deer today. I didn’t see much of anything. We will be back at it for a few hours in the morning before heading to my nephew’s place of Thanksgiving dinner. I hate having to come out of the woods, but I guess family obligations are way more important than hunting. Has anyone told you I love hunting?

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