Thursday November 25……Thanksgiving Day 2010

This is one of my favorite days of the season to hunt. Although I was late getting into the woods I still made it to my spot before daylight. It somewhat reminded me of the year that dad killed the Browtine Buck. Miner was already parked when I arrived and his kid was hunting with him.

It was cold and the south wind didn’t help matters. When I left the house it was 12 degrees.  At 8am I could hear something crunching in the leaves above me. Not sure what it was I got ready in case a deer appeared. Within a few minutes I was highly disappointed when I saw a hunter sneaking down the hill. I could hear him coming a country mile away which made it even worse. I’ve never seen people in this area, but every time I’ve been in the woods in the morning this year I’ve seen people in the general vicinity. It’s very discouraging.

I sat until a little after 10am. I heard a few shots ring out in the distance and wondered if it was from my buddy Dan Ladd’s crew who hunt in the direction the shots came from. He runs the website

I still-hunted on my way out to check some places for the remainder of the season. I didn’t see much sign in a few places I expected it. This will change my plans a little over the next couple of weeks as the season winds down.

Later in the day I found out that it was my buddy Dan that fired the shots. He put a nice 8-pointer on the ground. Way to go Dan. He has been on a roll the last few years. It’s nice to see a guy be successful who promotes the outdoors and hunting like he does.

Here’s a picture of Dan and his buck.

Dan Ladd's 2010 Thanksgiving Day Buck

Dad and Rob Miner with the Blizzard Buck on Thanksgiving Day many years ago.

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