Saturday November 27, 2010

It wasn’t cold this morning according to the thermometer, but the wind made it quite brisk. The wind swirled all over the place and made the morning interesting. I sat until 10:15. At that time I got up and did some walking to see what I could find. I found an area where the deer have been feeding heavily. I put a camera in there to see what I might get. I’ll check it next week sometime. I didn’t see any deer today. I walked by the same scrape that I’ve kicked leaves in the last few days and once again it was clear and open. I would like to see the buck that’s opening it. Steve, Doug and Jason saw a couple of deer this morning, but couldn’t grow any horns on them. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

I’m headed to Ohio at 4am for opening day of their shotgun season on Monday. I have no idea what to expect, but it will be a good way to end my vacation days for the year. I’m not looking forward to the ride out or back, but that’s all part of it. For some reason I have a feeling I’m not going to see a deer and I’m going to see a lot of people. Only time will tell.

I’ll check in when I return. Good luck out there and hunt hard. Here’s a buck I killed on opening day of shotgun in Ohio back in 2002 I think it was.

Ohio Opening Day Buck shot at noon. 12-pointer

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