Saturday, November 3, 2018

First morning in Illinois for me. Dad and Brian have been here for a week, and they’ve each seen a big buck. This morning Doug went to an area that he had researched on the internet over the last couple of months. He waited until daylight to head into the woods. After getting in a  ways, he found a tree to climb and settled in.  He wounded a big buck. Hitting it low, he didn’t  have much blood, and it eventually faded out. He said it was a good area.

Dad saw a big buck this morning and two small ones. The big one came in about 8:30, and it was a really big 10-pointer with long tines. He wasn’t able to get a shot. The deer never spotted him. Hopefully, it returns.

I saw two small bucks, one at 7:45 and one around 9:00. The first one was a 4-pointer. He ended up 15 yards from me and disappeared behind my stand. The second one was a small 6-pointer. When I got out of my stand, a doe came by. It was 34 degrees this morning and warmed up to 61 by the end of the day.

Jeff saw three does and three bucks this morning and two does and a buck tonight. He also saw a guy shoot a deer with a crossbow.

Tonight  Dad saw three bucks. Twin spikes and a forky. I have a good feeling that someone is going to get a a good one, but Im not feeling like it will be me. We checked some trail cameras today and had a few decent bucks on them. We named one of them Felix the Forky.

Here are a few shots of Felix.



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