Sunday, November 4, 2018

It’s hard to believe that it’s November. The weather doesn’t give any indication that winter is only a month away. It was 61 degrees when I headed into the woods this morning. The walk ended up being much worse than it should’ve been. Instead of paying attention to what I was doing, I got caught up in watching a guy standing at the base of a tree getting ready to climb it. His flashlight drew me in and held my attention in a place it shouldn’t have been focused. I followed Dad up the hill to my stand, but he cut off the trail too soon, and we ended up walking all over the woods before arriving at the stand.

After getting settled in, the wind continued wailing. At times, it gusted up to 25mph. I thought I was going to get seasick before I got down. It was a pretty slow day . I saw 15 turkeys and only one of them was a gobbler. The rain let loose around 9:45 a.m., so I climbed down and took cover under some trees. When I hit the ground, I could see a doe trotting toward me. As I tried grabbing my bow, she saw me and bolted. I was a little disappointed, knowing that a big buck could’ve been behind her.

Dad saw a few deer tonight, one buck, while we were checking out another area. Doug some a doe and three fawns this morning while he was in a new area. Brian saw a doe and a button horn at first light. He also saw a guy wearing a T-shirt and jeans and carrying a machete shortly after it got light. That sight was a little bizarre and creepy.

We can’t seem to find much sign, but we know big bucks are here. We haven’t found anyplace we really want to return to sit. Brian and I checked a camera today, and there were three or four bucks on it, one a pretty good 10-pointer. Here are a picture of a smaller one and the nice 10. We are going to give it a shot with this buck. He’s on his feet in the daylight, and we got a lot of daylight pictures in this spot.

We will see what tomorrow brings. It’s calling for rain again in the afternoon. The morning forecast looks good, so maybe the deer will be moving.


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