Monday, November 5, 2018

This morning I woke up to a starlit sky and a 40-degree temperature reading on the thermometer, and it was calm. I figured the deer would be moving after the rain we got last night.  I could see my breath, but it came more from the dampness that encompassed the woods.

We got an early start today, getting up at 3:30 and on the way to the stand by 5. It’s important to beat everyone into the woods in my opinion. I’m not sure why, but that’s the way I’ve always approached hunting.

I guess we didn’t get up early enough to beat the deer, though. As I approached my stand, I could see the reflection of a deer’s eyes. The deer was standing next to the big scrape located about 80 yards from my stand.

The light didn’t spook the deer, and it casually strolled down the hill and out of sight. For all I know it could have stayed there for a while.

As the woods came to life around me, it reminded me of my younger days during the first few weeks of spring trout season. I could hear the crows cackling and other birds joining them. It was pretty cool to get cast back to those days, a time when I didn’t know much about the ways of the world………..or deer hunting.

Around 8:30, I saw a deer feeding toward me. It gradually made its way past me and headed to the scrape. It was the same 4-pointer that I saw the other day. A nice 6-pointer made its way past me a short time later. It was cool to video, just because of the way he started hammering a signpost tree. I would have thought a much bigger buck would have been hitting the tree, but I guess they all take part at times.  I saw a few other deer run past me before I got out of the stand at noon. I couldn’t identify them, but I think they were does.

Dad saw another shooter today. He’s in a good spot. It seems like the rest of us are on a never-ending search. Nobody has found an area that he likes. I’ve never seen an area like this. Although we have seen some big bucks and a fair amount of deer, there really isn’t much sign. If I were to walk through the woods and look at the sign, I would think that very few deer, if any, lived in the area. It’s mind boggling in many ways. There just isn’t much buck sign or deer sign.  Brian didn’t see any deer this morning. Jeff saw two shooters but couldn’t get a shot. Doug saw three or four does. They went back to the place where they hunted on Saturday morning.

This evening we did a lot of driving around to check out new places. We found some good areas, and they definitely have some possibilities. It poured this afternoon and is still pouring as I write this. The rain just won’t let up. Hopefully, this will be it for a few days. We could use a break from the rain. We will see what tomorrow brings. I’d love to see someone get a whack at something.


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