Tuesday, November 6, 2018

It was warm out today and the temperature climbed into the mid 70s. When I headed to the stand at 5:00 a.m., it was already 60 degrees. I sat until 11:00 but didn’t have much luck. Dad saw a small 8-pointer chasing a doe. It occurred shortly after it got light. Brian couldn’t stay in his stand this morning and was wandering around shortly after 9:00. He saw the same buck that he shot at last week in the same place where he shot at it. It was bedded behind a fallen tree. He also saw another shooter buck that almost ran over him. He didn’t see a doe it was chasing, but he assumed it was chasing one.  For being as warm as it was, there was a fair amount of action, but I didn’t see a thing until the night sit, at which time I saw a small 4-pointer. It didn’t appear that he had any interest in rutting.

When Dad returned to the truck after hunting, he was in agony. I rushed him to the hospital. After spending many hours waiting to find out what was wrong with him, they finally diagnosed him with a kidney stone. We got back to the tent around 12:30, which makes for a long day after getting up at 3:45. Not sure I’ll make it out in the morning, but I’ll do my best to be in the woods.

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