Thursday, November 8, 2018

It was chilly when I woke up this morning. Although it wasn’t extremely cold, the wind made it brisk. I headed back to the area I found last night and felt confident about it. I was in the stand for about a half hour before daylight. I could hear deer over the hill from where I was sitting as I waited for it to get light.

When it got light out, I could hear something behind the stand. Turning my head, I saw a small buck in the distance. After putting the glasses on it, I determined that it was a forky. He looked like a healthy deer. After he got past me, something spooked him and he rain back toward me before disappearing in the direction where Brian was sitting.

A few minutes after that, I heard a stick crack, and a buck appeared directly below me. He was a shooter, and I started drawing my bow. Halfway into the draw, my draw elbow came to a sudden stop when it got tangled in my harness. The buck stood there and looked down the hill. After getting untangled, I drew the bow again, but the deer was moving. I chose not to risk a shot and watched him disappear. I was highly disappointed. A few minutes after the buck left, a doe spooked from behind the tree stand, and that was the end of deer sightings for me for the morning.

I got out of the stand at 11:00 and walked around a little bit when I hit the ground. I found some good buck sign, but I think I’m in the best place in the area. Brian didn’t see anything this morning, and Dad didn’t hunt. He’s in rough shape. I think he’s going to be heading home tomorrow with Doug and Jeff. They didn’t see any deer today. Dad can’t buy a break. I’m really disappointed that he won’t be able to hunt. We wait all year for this and now he’s not able to do what he enjoys. I just hope he gets feeling better. He doesn’t look good at all.

This evening Brian and I went to check a camera he put in last week. It had a good buck on it a few times in the daylight. I liked the area and will hunt there if I ever come back to hunt.  I was impressed with it.  On our way in, we saw a 10-pointer chasing a doe. It wasn’t a mature buck, but it was still a shooter. The wind was nasty tonight.

Tomorrow morning should be the best day of the trip as far as the weather is concerned. I’m hoping that we see some activity. It hasn’t been too good yet this week, but you never know what could happen in a day.

We met a lot of nice people today and got some good intel. It’s nice to meet people who are good people. We’ve met a handful of others that I wasn’t fond of and wouldn’t care if I ever saw them again.

Looking forward to tomorrow. I’m hoping someone has some luck and puts a good one on the ground.

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