Friday, November 9, 2018

This morning was a bit chilly but comfortable.  I had a lot of activity around me in all shapes and sizes. After this morning, Brian and I named the place I sat, and it is now called Spikehorn Ridge. Before the morning ended, I saw four spikes and a small 4-pointer. I also saw 17 does and fawns tonight and about three different bucks chasing them around. A 6-pointer seemed to be the one that was ruling the party. It was pretty cool to see. Although it has been slow, today made me realize that there are plenty of deer around even if the sign doesn’t say the same.

Brian went back to check a camera that he moved a few days ago. He had to sit down for a minute when he pulled the card. After having the camera in one place for most of the time here, he told me he was a sure that a big buck was using a runway, which is what made him move the camera. He was definitely right about that. He got a slammer on trail camera and is probably going to throw all of his eggs in one basket and focus on that deer the rest of the time. I can’t say that I blame him after seeing the picture. This deer is a great public land deer. I hope he gets a look at the deer.  Jeff and Doug saw a few deer today, each seeing a couple of bucks. They hunted in another new area today and said it looked good.

When we got back from the evening hunt, Doug, Jeff and Dad headed home. Dad just didn’t feel well enough to stay for the remainder of the trip. I hope he gets feeling better.


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