Friday, November 29, 2019

It was a little windy this morning and chilly. The day passed quickly, and I sat the entire day. I thought I was in a good spot to intercept a cruising buck. I guess there weren’t any cruising bucks today in the area I chose to sit. I was disappointed that I didn’t see a deer, but I was also excited that Donny had action in front of him all day. My buddy Barry didn’t see any deer today and neither did Dad. Josh was highly disappointed with his day, as he didn’t see a deer or much sign. Things have definitely slowed down in this area for the time being. As with any year, that can change in a matter of minutes. Hopefully, we can wait them out and catch them when they start moving again. We are all spread out across the map. If you randomly throw multiple pins at a map, one of us is probably in whatever areas the pins hit. We figured that if we had people all over the place, we might find someplace that has more activity than the others. Donny was the winner today. We might encircle him tomorrow and see if we can’t get a good buck to travel by one of us. We will have to talk about it today.

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