Saturday, November 30, 2019

The last day of November welcomed us with low temperatures and wind coming out of the north/northwest.  I needed to find a place to sit where that wind would offer me the best chance of seeing something. I picked a place where I killed a good buck a while back and headed there in the darkness. I made it to the area before it got light out and settled in under a giant hemlock tree. I saw a lot of tracks in the snow as I neared the place and figured I might get lucky. 

  The morning was uneventful. Not many creatures of any kind moved. I didn’t see any chipmunks, squirrels or birds. That’s usually not a good sign. As the morning moved along, I spotted a doe and fawn making their way toward me through the timber. They went past me and never knew I had invaded their space. It was cool to watch, especially knowing that I was inside their world, and they had no clue of my presence. I was like a creature of the forest. 

  A half hour after that, I heard a deer crunching through the crusty snow, and it was headed toward a scrape that had just been opened. I hoped that the buck was coming back to the scrape to check things out. 

  After a few minutes, I had five does in front of me but no buck. They fed until the wind hit the back of my neck and alerted them of my presence. They scurried back into the thick cover and disappeared. That was the end of my excitement for the day.

  Barry saw five deer today, and Donny saw around 10. Nobody could put an antler on a deer. We will see what tomorrow brings. It’s like the bucks have disappeared. Hopefully, they start moving again in the next week. I’m a little perplexed as to what’s going on.

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