Saturday, December 7, 2019

  I decided to go into the woods with my father this morning. I had a gut feeling about a place he should sit, so I told him to go there. I figured I would do some scouting and go back to get some of the stuff I had left behind to make my pack lighter for dragging the deer last night. We have also seen piles of bear tracks everywhere we’ve hunted this year.

  After getting to the blowdown I stored some of my gear in, I went over the next ridge and decided to hang out there for the morning. As it was getting light, I snapped my head up from a head-bob and saw a buck walking through the slash in front of me. This buck was clearly larger than the one I shot last night. I watched him for a few minutes before he disappeared off the bench I was sitting on and made his was down a ridge so steep that I didn’t think a deer would go there. It still surprises me as I’m writing this. Deer are amazing creatures. People have always said they could put me in a closet and I could shoot a deer. I never feel that way, but why that deer was in the place I was sitting, I will never know. I enjoyed watching it.

  After the morning faded into the afternoon, I did a few pushes to Dad, but nothing made its way past him. I guess I didn’t do a good job today on that end. I’d like to put one in front of him. Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow. 

  When we returned to camp, Josh and Brian told us about their day. Josh was lucky enough to put a nice buck on the ground. He shot it with a gun that was given to him a few weeks ago at his uncle’s camp in Otsego County. He made the owner of it proud today. It’s a Savage 7mm.08, and the deer didn’t run 40 yards after he shot it. Josh reminds me of myself. He has a way of following his gut to different places every day. Even if he has a plan the night before, he listens to his gut and follows its lead. I think this is essential to being successful.

Last night, Josh asked if he could have my Mead Lumber hat. I told him he could wear it and have it if he shot a big buck. Well, I no longer own my hat. He earned it, and I felt good about letting him have it. Hopefully, the Mead Lumber hat brings him a lot more luck in the future. He looks good in it.

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