Sunday, December 8, 2019

Today was the last day of Northern Zone rifle season in New York. I decided to push off a bunch of knobs to my father to see if we could get lucky. Although, we didn’t get lucky, I did put some deer past him. He had a chance to shoot a good buck, the opportunity escaped him before he was able to let any lead fly.  He was really disappointed about it.

 When I hung my gear up tonight, I was sad that the end to the regular season had come to an end. As the years wear on, I gain more and more confidence and feel like there’s nothing I can’t accomplish. Where the season beats down most people, it motivates me to dig deeper. I had an awesome time this year. 

If you follow along, I’ll  try to get my 2019 Year in Review done in the coming weeks.  I still have next weekend to hunt with my muzzleloader. I’m not sure if I’ll be going out, but I do need to go to my local spots to pick up a few cameras I left there all year. It feels good to not spend much time in New York on cameras anymore. I got to the point where I was spending too much time chasing down camera cards instead of focusing on hunting. It has changed my game in New York and the success has increased. I still like to put a few out here and there, and I do have many of them spread across the Adirondacks, but I don’t bother checking them at all until after the season has passed. I just use them to gain knowledge.

Here’s a good buck my buddy Smitty killed this weekend. I’ve always had a great time hunting with Smitty. He’s a great guy, does great taxidermy work, and is a ball to hunt with. I’m grateful for all of the time we have spent together in the woods during hunting season.

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