Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Today was a great, bad day.  We decided to head back into the area where we had a few bulls going the other night. We gave it a rest for a day for the area to settle down. 

  On the way in, we saw fresh horse tracks all over the trail. Walking up the hill, I had a feeling we were going to see a camp in an area off the trail, and we did. There were four horses and a mule inside an electric fence. It appeared that the occupants of the tent were still sleeping, so I continued up the trail. 

  As we approached the area where we normally head onto the mountain, we spotted a guy walking down the hill to the brook. Looking harder, I spotted a tent. We never expected to see anyone in that location. 

  When the guy came back up the hill, we began talking with him. After a few minutes we learned that he and his brother were going to be in there hunting for a few days. 

  Sometimes you can recognize a person’s character instantly, and it was easy to do with these guys. They were great guys and loved life. We decided to give them a rundown of the area and some guidance for the next few days. We told them to explore a few areas that have produced great results for us in the past. These are the kind of guys you meet on public land, and you root for them to succeed. Those types of people are few and far between.  It was blatantly obvious that their parents had done a phenomenal job raising them, and I applaud that in current times. 

  During the conversation, I learned that the older brother was also a Type 1 diabetic. In all my years of elk hunting, I’ve never met another Type 1 diabetic while in the woods. I know how my father worries about me when I’m hunting, so I’m sure his parents are beyond worried. They probably aren’t sleeping at night while he’s out here. 

  No matter what happens on this trip, I think meeting these two guys will be the highlight. It’s amazing how someone’s zest for life can inspire you. They were both University of Kansas graduates and are about to begin new careers in different places. They have a lot ahead of themselves, and I’m sure they will achieve great things. One will be starting a job in the gold mining industry in a few weeks when he heads to Alaska.

  After leaving them, we did some exploring and found some new things. Within a few hours, we saw another guy walk past us. He was from Georgia and was hunting with nine other guys. 

  Although it was frustrating, we headed down the mountain and began making plans for the next day. As we walked by the outfitter tent that we passed in the morning, the people were outside, so we stopped and visited for an hour. We had a nice chat with them before heading back to camp. 

  Many people would consider it a wasted day, but we had a good time and made the most of it. Hopefully, we can stay in touch with our new friends from Kansas. I’ll be interested to see where their journeys take them. 

  Brian went into my favorite spot tonight to scout it out. He had a few bulls bugling but wasn’t able to catch up to them.  We will try to get a look at them tomorrow. Here’s a picture of the brothers we met

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