Thursday, September 17, 2020

We headed down the mountain today to go into my “old faithful” spot. We spread out across the top of the mountain and decided to sit for a few hours in hopes of seeing something. 

  About an hour into the sit, I heard a bull let out a weak bugle, then I heard sticks cracking. Knowing he was coming, I readied myself for a shot. Seconds later, the wind switched and away he went. I heard him crash timber and never saw him. 

  Around 2 p.m., we heard three different bulls bugle, and they were in all different directions.  Brian let out a few calls, and a few minutes later, elk started filtering out of the timber below us. Before we could get a shot, they got past us. Jacob and Brian ran to cut them off, and I stayed back to call. As I was calling, I watched Jacob and Brian to see their reaction to base my calling on their actions. 

  Suddenly, all hell broke lose behind me when a small herd of elk took off. They were coming to the calls, and I never expected anything to come from that direction. Within seconds of the action starting, we sat there totally disheartened.  We came so close but were so far away. Maybe tomorrow will be the day. 

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