Friday, September 18, 2020

Today we decided to head back to the place where we hunted yesterday. It was dead the entire day. It was overcast and relatively cool. We saw a big bear in the afternoon, and it got a little scary for a few minutes. The bear turned toward us and debated charging us. It decided to continue going up the hill. 

  Josh had a great day today. He finally took our advice and sat in a heavily timbered ravine where we’ve always seen a lot of sign. It worked well for him, as he had two bulls chase a bunch of cows past him. The cow was in heat, and the bulls were hot on her tail. They didn’t offer a shot. 

  After he got up and ventured to the top of the mountain, he spotted a big bull getting out of its bed. He couldn’t get a shot, and it was gone as quickly as it had appeared. 

  Today surprised me. I thought we would get into them. Maybe tomorrow.  We wandered through these aspen trees in hopes of catching a bedded bull but nothing materialized.

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