Saturday, September 19, 2020

Today was opening day of bear season back home. Donny went up to camp to stay with Dad. Hopefully, he gets a look at one. 

  Jacob and I headed back to the same place we’ve been going. When we crested the hill in the darkness, bugles rang through the valley below us. It was refreshing to hear them singing, especially after the dead week we’ve been experiencing. 

  While we decided which one to chase, one bolted down the hill in front of us, and the thundering sound of hooves could be heard in the drainage below us. They stopped and walked up the hill. 

  We raced up the hill to get to an area where I thought we could cut them off. Unfortunately, they never came up the hill. I made the wrong guess. It kind of seems par for the course this week. I just can’t seem to line things up correctly. A few bulls bugled but quickly turned off.  That was about it for the action for the day. 

  Brian and Josh had a dead day today. Brian and I both found active wallows today. I’m not sure what’s up with that, but maybe they will be hitting them over the next few days. We shall see. 

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