Sunday, September 20, 2020

We didn’t get started too early today. Nobody wanted to get out of bed. Finally, I got up and got going. I decided to take it easy and go to the top of the mountain where I’ve been hunting to listen for bugles. After waiting about an hour and a half and not hearing anything, I headed back to camp to make some eggs for breakfast.  It felt good to get a good breakfast in my belly, but I wasn’t too happy about being at camp during the morning hours. 

  Halfway through the day, we decided to head to another area to check it out. It looked ok, but there was a tremendous amount of recreational activity going on. 

  Josh had another good day today in the area we told him to sit yesterday. He saw a cow and a bull in a wallow but couldn’t get a shot at the bull. The cow’s body was blocking the vitals on the bull. He hasn’t had good reception on his radio all week, but today when Brian called him on it, it sounded off loud and clear. The cow and bull heard it and headed on the their way. That’s the way our luck has gone this week. We’re hoping to turn things around over the next few days. I guess time will be the determining factor. A lot of camps have pulled out, but I’m not sure there’s enough time for the animals to settle down and filter back in.

  We visited an old mining town today. It was cool to see, and it felt refreshing to get my mind off from elk hunting for the day.  

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