Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2020

After looking at the weather last night, I figured today would be my best bet to kill the buck that I found last night. The weather was supposed to blow through, and the sun would break through in the early afternoon.

As I worked today, I knew today was going to be the day. I could’t wait to get in the woods. It was cool, damp and perfect for a buck to come back to a scrape as soon as the rain blew out.

As I was driving to my father’s house after work, I was irritated that the weather man was incorrect with his prediction. The rain was still coming down, and the road in front of me was as foggy as the London fog. Since the rain wasn’t coming down in buckets, I figured I still had a chance.

Dad had a good day at the doctor yesterday. They changed a few of his medications, and he looks a lot better today than he has the last few weeks. All of his bloating quickly disappeared after taking the new drug. I can also tell that he feels better. He’s a tough son of a bitch, and I’m glad he’s such a fighter.

He told me he wanted to go with me, so I was happy to have him jump in the truck. We were in the woods by 2:30, which gave us about three and a half hours to make something happen.

I made my way to the area where I sat last night. I couldn’t wait to get there. On my march, I found a few new scrapes in the area the hadn’t been there yesterday. That buck was still going at it. You’d think it would only be a matter of time before I see him, but the weather isn’t helping matters.

I settled in and began my wait. I could barely see beyond 40 yards through the fog. I could see that the scrape had been torn up again in the last 24 hours. It really makes me wonder what this buck looks like. I’d love to get a look at him.

I heard blue jays going crazy shortly after sitting down. I heard them last night in the same place, too. It kind of made my chuckle to myself. Over the last week, I’ve been watching some YouTube stuff from the most popular hunting show on YouTube, and everyone on the channel says to get ready when you hear a blue jay cawing because the deer are coming. While this is true at times, it’s a huge fallacy to think that every time a blue jay squawks, you are going to see a deer. It simply isn’t true. I’d almost bet that the odds of seeing a deer after hearing a blue jay is probably less than 10%. Do your own study and let me know what you find. In the last week, I’ve heard about 15 blue jays squawking and have yet to see a deer afterward. Maybe I stink or something. I guess I’ll never know. It’s food for though, anyway.

I sat until shortly before dark. The fog was so bad that it made me dizzy while walking out. It’s easy to get turned around when it’s like that and gettin dark at the same time. I came out in an area I didn’t expect to come out to, At least I knew where I was when I got there. I just didn’t know how I ended up there.

Dad had a good night. He was able to still hunt and go back to his younger years. Before he finished for the evening, he had tallied six deer sightings and one was a good buck. He could see the antlers as clear as day, but he didn’t have a good shot at the body. He said he probably wouldn’t have shot it anyway, but it was a nice deer. He was glad to see some deer. I, on the other hand, feel like I’m stuck in quicksand this year. It’s an odd feeling.

Dad was packing his gear for Illinois tonight. He told me he’s thinks he’s going to go. Hopefully, the next few days continue in the right direction, and he’s able to make it happen. It’s suppose to rain tomorrow, but I’ll be back at it unless it’s a torrential downpour

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