Thursday, Oct. 29, 2020

Anyone who knows me knows I can become obsessive when it comes to achieving goals. I also do the the same thing when I think I can kill a buck that is laying down sign.

When I finished my work for the day, I glanced out the window at the pouring rain and said, “Why not? Today could be the day he comes to that scrape.”

With those thoughts in mind, I packed my gear and headed into the woods. I decided to still-hunt around the area where th buck has been working. At times, the rain was coming down in sheets, but I stayed the course and focused on the task ahead of me.

As I got close to the sign, I spotted a doe behind a log. When she got to her feet and began running, I clicked the safety off and scanned the woods. I knew he had to be laying with her. Watching her bound across the flat and dump off the side off the mountain, I was disappointed when nothing else followed her lead.

I continued still-hunting until I got to the place I sat the last few days. I decided to give it a whirl again. While sitting, the water began pouring off the brim of my hat and rolling down my face. I enjoyed the misery, as I was sure he was going to show up. I’ve seen a lot of big bucks show up during horrible weather.

I waited until dark, but nothing showed up. It’s supposed to snow tonight. I’m up in the the air about returning or heading north. I’ll have to figure it out when I get done working.

Here’s a buck I killed during horrible weather, and I killed him just a short distance from where I’m after this one.

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