Saturday, Oct. 2, 2021

Today I hemmed and hawed about where I wanted to go. I just couldn’t make a decision, and when that happens, I know it’s not a good thing. I believe it’s important to know what you’re doing to do beforehand. Although I’ve changed on the fly many times and had good luck, I just don’t like the feeling of being unprepared and undecided.

In the end, I decided to wander. I didn’t accomplish much, and as I said yesterday, the sign is hard to see with random leaves falling. Dad saw a cool bear track today. I wish I had the picture to post. He found it in some mud and took a picture of it. The picture seemed to be alive. It’s one of the better pictures I’ve seen.

The wind really picked up as it got toward evening, and I didn’t feel comfortable sitting in a tree. Therefore, I crept through the woods in hopes of spotting a feeding deer. My efforts were fruitless. The leaves have a really good start on finding their way to the forest floor. I’m guessing they will be peak by the end of next week. Here’s a shot of what they look like.

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