Sunday, Oct. 3, 2021

Today, I headed to an area in the central Adirondacks where I put cameras. I’ve often thought of hunting this area but haven’t done it yet. Brian and I put cameras in this area last year and not one of them worked. All four cameras didn’t work at all. The cameras have been in there for a month, so I decided to go give them a look.

Amazingly, I was happy with the results. I found a good buck in the area to hunt and a few scrappers, too. While in the area, I researched a few of the topographical features and think I might have an opportunity to get a look at one of these critters, especially the larger one. I found and area where he’s feeding a lot and he has destroyed a lot of trees just outside of the feeding area. Unfortunately, this area gets pounded when gun season opens, so I only have about a week and half to get a look at this deer, as I will probably not return there after the orange army invades.

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