Friday, Nov. 12, 2021

When we all rolled out of bed today, the wind was howling and the snow was coming down sideways. The weather conditions were absolutely brutal, but we all decided to head into he woods to do what we do. Some of us decided to sit for the day, while others of us decided to scout new areas in hopes of shooting a doe or two.

As the day wore on, the weather worsened and the temperatures dropped. The snow became a nuisance and continued coming down throughout the day. Although it never accumulated, it made just enough of a mess to make hunting in it unenjoyable. Eventually, the clock turned over and the day started heading toward darkness. The deer moved well throughout the day, starting in the morning and continuing on and off the rest of the day.

Shortly before dark we were able to get an arrow into a good 10-pointer. After a misfire due to a release giving way during the draw, the buck didn’t spook and stayed around. This led to his demise, as an arrow found it’s way into his chest cavity. The deer fell over within sight of the stand, so calls were made to each other for help getting it out.

Then, all hell broke loose when the deer, which had fallen over, couldn’t be found. Darkness settled in, and we decided to leave the area alone until morning. The deer had fallen over within 70 yards of being shot, but it must’ve gotten up and moved out of the area before we got to it.

It was a long, restless night for all of us, but after listening to the reports, we felt good about our chances of finding it.

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