Saturday, Nov. 13, 2021

We all got up early and headed into the woods as a team. We figured our team would be able to locate the deer, even though it had taken off from where it had originally fallen after being shot. We spread out and began grid searching. Although we were feeling down about our chances, we continued searching. About and hour and a half into our search, we located the buck, and it was a beauty of a 10-pointer.

We could see where the deer had struggled a little bit throughout the night, and it was still warm when we took care of it. I never like to see an animal suffer, but I think we did the right thing in this situation. Here are a few pictures of the deer. If anyone is wondering why I’m holding the deer in the last few pictures, it’s just because we have a running joke that I’m an average-sized guy, so the deer looks its normal size with my holding it. However, if Brian or Jeff holds a deer, they are substantially larger men, and it takes away from the deer’s true size. It’s kind of a running joke with us, so that’s why we do it. They call me small, and I tell them I’m an average-sized American man.

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