Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2021

We headed out of camp bright and early today, and Donny came back to hunt for a few days. He’s had a lot of stuff going on in his personal world, too, so it feels good to get outside and enjoy the outdoors.

  Although the forecast called for heavy winds, the wind never picked up.  With calm conditions and the snow still hanging on the trees, it made visibility tough. The snow fell last Saturday and is still clinging to all of the branches. In all of my years of hunting, I’ve never seen snow hang on the branches this long. It has become quite frustrating. 

  As our day wore on, we continued seeing deer. Talking back and forth on the radio, we decided we would pack it in and head out around 3:30, allowing ourselves time to get back to familiar territory before having to break out the headlamps. 

  Well, the silence of the woods was broken at 2:45 when a gunshot echoed off the mountains around us. A few minutes later, we were standing above a 3-pointer. It was a nice deer, and we were all happy to finally take a deer. Although we’ve all been holding out for a good one, we have come to realize we only have a few days left before the season closes, and we all like to eat venison. Any deer in the Adirondacks is a good one, even if it’s a little guy. Donny finally broke his Adirondack curse after three years.

  Some deer you remember better than others because of the grind that you go through to get to the end of the race. This is surely one of those deer for us. 

  Overall, it was a good day, and we all enjoyed each other’s company. It felt good to be a hunter among hunters, all family and friends. 

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